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Seasonal: Blueberry, pistachio, pecan

Bombas & Bismarks

Banana's Foster

Marocchino (caramelized espresso)

Boston Cream

Jelly filled


Old Fashioned Doughnuts

Daily Offerings:

Plain Vanilla old fashioned

Plain Chocolate old fashioned

La Canela old fashioned

Chai old fashioned (weekends only)

Triple Chocolate old fashioned

Black and White old fashioned

Seasonal Flavors:

Winter: Banana Pancake, Guava

Spring: Passionfruit


Other Offerings:

The Georgette Cinnamon Twist

Mochi Rings

Mochi Bites

Raised Rings

Cronuts & Mini Cronuts - call and ask about our daily flavors!

Baked Goods

Biscuit with Jam

Walnut Pesto Scone

Lemon Blueberry Scone

Chocolate Banana Brittle Scone (made by order)

Pop Treats


Caramelized Fig w/ fresh lemon glaze

Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Cherry Compote (made to order)

Margarita Pizza



Breakfast Sandwiches

Sous Vide Eggs

HnH Breakfast Sandwich


Sun-dried tomato pesto, aioli, egg, white cheddar and Preservation Meat Co. bacon

The Basic Breakfast Sandwich

Sun-dried tomato pesto, aioli, egg, white cheddar 

Cheddar & Chive

Bacon & Caramelized Onion


Jalapeño & Cotija Cheese

Mama Lils Peppers 

Savory Pastries

Savory Biscuit 

Baked with fontina and parmesan cheese 

Coffee & Tea

Drip (Pull Caffe beans)

Espresso (Fulcrum Coffee Roasters)

Latte / Cappuccino


Chai Latte

Hot Chocolate

Cold Brew


Smith Tea Company Teas (ask baristas about current offerings)

Milk Options: Soy, Almond, Oat

Flavors: Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Hazelnut, Almond, Caramel

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